Villa, villae in Roman Gaul. The Villa-Loupian, a Gallo-Roman estate in Languedoc

The ancient Roman world saw the rise and expansion of large-scale, estate-based agriculture, and at the heart of this system lay a very special institution – the villa. Excavation of one of these large estates, the Villa Loupian in France's Languedoc province, provides a glimpse of rural life in Roman Gaul. We see traces of the great landowners, who divided their time between otium (time for relaxation and study) and negotium (the world of business), as well as their massive estates, run by a small army of slaves.

A uniquely designed website allows users to explore a rural residence and estate that have been painstakingly excavated and studied. A wealth of data, complemented by a rich collection of media, is presented in such a way as to make it accessible to a wide audience. Visitors can learn about the ever-changing field of Gallo-Roman villa research, the most recent findings and the variety of architectural styles found throughout the three provinces that made up Roman Gaul.

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